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[Email/Text] I want to withdraw & not pay the rest

Message #1

  • Hey name,Thanks for reaching out. (your name) here from Creators Training. Ill be able to help you with this 😃I completely understand where you’re coming from & yeah I agree. Would love to support and see if we can help you with this.I’m curious who you spoke to on the phone when you enrolled?

Message #2

  • Okay sweet! I’m assuming she told you about our guarantee, and sent you the mutual enrollment agreement right?

Message #3

  • Hey 😊  I see what you mean and would love to help you! So I talked to the team to see what I can do for you…
    And, unfortunately withdrawal is not an option as per agreement the whole course & training was purchased!
    I mean, what do you think would all the other 250 clients say about Julian if he would just give anyone who consumed half of the course the option to stop whenever they feel like it? And this when when everyone else made the full investment, dedicate their life to this & fully commit to get to $10k monthly?
    It just would not be fair to anyone in the group. Anyone who starts has the same agreement (You go through the course, do all the work as outlined and if you don’t land a client in the end we refund you!).
    I believe you understand this 😊
    So yeah, I want to find an option for you as I totally get your situation!
    So if you are open to this, let’s hop on a quick 15 min call to find the best solution for you?
    Sounds good?
    Lets crush it,